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Let us help you choose the best furnace

A faulty furnace is one of the most important home improvement issues that should not be ignored. At the end of a cold winter you may notice that your wallet was drained by the huge heater bill. Sometimes the heater bill may cost over 50 percent of your total utilities bills.

Although the heater bill is very high, you may still face a decrease in energy efficiency. Another issue you can’t afford to ignore, is the more frequent asthma attacks or increased allergies for one or more of your family members.

What you need to know: The older the furnace the lowerer AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, than the new furnace. This means the energy bill is still rising up to the sky while some of your rooms are cold as a fridge.

Dolphin Mechanical Services main procedure to solve this issue is to measure the AFUE ratio. The ratio should not be less than 90%, to increase efficiency and make even heating zones.  If your AFUE ratio is less than 80%, you should start to think of changing your old furnace. Some of the aged furnaces may cause dust, rust and dirt under and around the furnaces and sometimes this may extend into other areas in the house. In addition to the humidity problems. 

Cleaning or changing the furnace filters is an essential procedure too. Dust can overwhelm filters and can exhaust the furnace causing the loss of efficient energy. Moreover, it will definitely raise the asthma or allergy attacks if you have any sick family members. This will also affect the quality of your clean air. Especially if you live in a highly polluted area or have pets in your house.

If you are faced with one or more of these problems, you may start to consider changing or repairing your old furnace. Here at Dolphin Mechanical Services we will be glad to help you choose the best option according to your needs and budget.

What to consider while looking to replace your old furnace:

1) Fuel source:

To choose a new efficient peace of mind furnace you need to know what source of energy you may have available near to your house. Assuming you have a natural gas pipeline then a natural gas-powered furnace is the best choice. Keep in mind that there are a lot of fuel furnace fuel sources and models, such as natural gas, butane gas or oil; but what you need to take into consideration is what is the most affordable near you.

2) Size and type of system:

Some homes have a packed system that runs both air conditioning and heating systems. Whether you choose to continue with your already installed system or split it you need to take your space a lot into account. Another crucial point, you need to choose the correct size of your installed system. A small size system in comparison to your house may not give the desired heating to your house, an over big size may be a problem also.

3) Cost:

A good furnace is a good investment, it can keep your home warm and cozy for many years. Also, it can save you a lot of money in the long term by decreasing the high bill of wasted energy. The cost of a new efficient furnace varies from the different indoor features, such as a separate thermometer for every room, size and efficiency. So take into consideration your needs to make sure you make the best investment.  

4) Installation:

Furnace reliability and pricing Is 60% Installation, 40% Brand; A furnace needs to be properly installed to operate as efficiently. We at Dolphin Mechanical Services are guaranteeing you the best installation service. Our team is highly professional and experienced, and will be available to answer any questions you might have.